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Harper: Just Say No

I'm Canadian.  Have been all my life. And I count myself very fortunate as a result.

Stephen Harper's long term goal "is to make Conservatives the natural governing party of the country". (Paul Wells, Maclean's, September 17, 2008)

I would have thought that a better goal would be to do what's best for Canada and Canadians.

If your party is more important than the country, you should be kept out of Ottawa.

Harper's Conservatives: bad for the country, and bad for Canadians.

Almost Too Quiet

When the kids are here, there's always something to do - feeding, driving, laundry, playing, reading, sending to bed.  It's busy, but it's fun.

When the kids aren't here, it's quiet, almost too quiet, and there seems to be less motivation to get things done, and more inertia.

Kids: nature's anti-inertia.

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